Tips for dining out: Culvers

I recently discovered that a kids meal at Culvers has a full sized butterburger with this in mind if I get the kids meal it is about 80 cents more than the $4.00 snack pack and it comes with a delicious scoop of custard!! Also you can collect 10 scoopie tokens to get a free kids meal or a toy if that is your preference!!


Napolis St Joseph

Napolis Sampler

The first time I went to Napolis I tried a little of everything, The sampler, calamari, and a stromboli were on my list. Now Napolis has moved into the old D&G building and the food is still as good as ever. Although I do not have the funds to go there as often as I would like I do enjoy the food and it is reasonably priced. If you like Italian food with a warm and inviting atmosphere then you should try Napolis, because you will come back again and again. for more information visit them on facebook in person at 1918 Fredric or call them at (816)233-5475

Minsky’s Pizza

Minskys pizza

Eating at Minskys is always a treat for me. I live about 50 miles from my nearest one and they always have a great pizza. Last time we went we spent over 100 dollars on pizza for 5 people and it was worth it. the bulk of the expense came from one pizza. I believe it was around 26 inches with meatballs and pepperoni. The food there is always delicious from their 5 star cheese crisp to fries and mushrooms and even calzones. To check them out for yourself go to it is well worth it if you live nearby one to check it out.

Death By Chocolate

Oreo filled cookies

Death By Chocolate

Eager to try new things I saw a post on Reddit where someone had baked Oreos into chocolate chip cookies. I immediately went out and bought a package of Oreos and some cookie mix. I had a hard time getting the cookie mix around the Oreos without using a huge chunk but I finally got it working. Once the cookies were in the oven I looked in the cupboard and saw I had some Oreo frosting. I decided to ring the cookies with a layer of frosting and Voila… Death by chocolate. I gave a few to my cousin and ate a few for myself they were delicious.