Anchovies (A work in progress)




                Annie loved her job at the Pizza Palace, she had worked there for the past five years. This was her first job and she had done everything from making pizza to serving the customers. Pizza palace was small and only had about five employees, but the topping selection was enormous.

Marc, the cook, had called in sick, it was most likely he was off stoned somewhere. The owner Jeff called Annie in to fill in the evening shift on her day off. Annie had agreed because she really liked Jeff and she needed the extra money. That night was slow and when Dave came in Annie knew he was there to get a pizza for him and Marc. Dave worked there too and was Marc’s best friend.

The order came back and it was for a large Pepperoni, Beef and Anchovies. Annie froze; there was no way she was touching anchovies. Annie had been afraid of fish since she was a little girl and had gone swimming in a lake while her father went fishing. A large mouthed bass had swum up alongside her and slapped her with its tail. Annie was deathly afraid and it wasn’t just real fish if she even touched a picture of a fish in a book when she turned the page she would scream and drop the book.

“What’s the hold-up?” Dave shouted over the counter. Annie grabbed a crust and put on the sauce, the pepperoni and beef.  A can of anchovies could be found in the cooler in back so she went back there and grabbed one careful not to touch the picture. She put the can on the counter and slipped on some plastic gloves. She opened the can slowly and carefully so as not to get any fish juice on herself.

She looked down and the fish were squirming in the can. She looked away and turned back knowing it must have been her imagination. She looked away and dumped the can on the pizza, but some juice slid down into her gloves and she screamed and ran into the bathroom to wash it off. In the background Dave laughed and yelled “Yo! What crawled up your ass and died?”

Jeff finished the pizza and chided Dave for his rude behavior. As soon as Dave left Jeff closed the shop and went to console Annie who was still in the bathroom.

That night the Pizza Palace Burned to the ground in a freak accident when the oven caught on fire. Annie and Jeff were never seen again and no bodies were discovered in the ashes. Dave and Marc were found dead later that week with slashes all over their bodies and fish hooks in their mouths.