Tosh.0 Blogging from the Television

Daniel Tosh

Most people read blogs but who has time for reading anymore. That is why I watch Tosh.0 it is kind of like a televised blog where Daniel Tosh shows you videos and gives you commentary on what he thinks is funny. If you already watch the show you will know that he interacts with the audience asking them to tweet him live and send in videos for future episodes. This is what social media can do it turns Daniel into a channel for a certain type of person who may not otherwise get on television. Tosh is in my opinion quite a funny show and whether you like it or hate it there is no denying it is a one of a kind social media game changer.


2 thoughts on “Tosh.0 Blogging from the Television

  1. jloldani says:

    I love this TV show! He is so funny, and creative! You are so right though, he very much so always interacts with his viewers and ties everything back into twitter. It’s amazing that we have the technology and capability to be able to share videos just from our phones!

  2. I’ve never really been able to get over Tosh’s ego problems, but your site is a good one. Nice, clean design and informative. Easy to comment and share from. Good work!

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