Social Media: Socially acceptable behavior

Whenever I go to a restaurant to eat I expect to relax and have a nice meal. Many times I have been out and have noticed the lack of restraint people have out in public (mind you I have had a few blowups in public myself). Yesterday while at a restaurant a guy in his twenties came up to a young couple and started talking to them every other word out of his mouth was the F-word. the other couple had 2 young kids and they were rather noisy and not well behaved to begin with but here comes someone who is cursing in front of these kids and setting a bad example. It is like this on social media sites I cannot tell you how many times I have seen curse words used and sexual references on Facebook. Now im not saying I am against swearing or anything but when you have children on there (and yes I realize you are supposed to be at least 13 to join facebook) you should watch what you are saying not to mention the fact that potential friends and co-workers can see what you are saying. So be careful with your words because sometimes we need people to be social with. The social media can never keep a secret.


7 thoughts on “Social Media: Socially acceptable behavior

  1. Sayre says:

    True. Even if you go back and delete it..chances are at least one person saw it.

    Sorry mom.

  2. I don’t think that people sometimes realize or even care about what they are saying or doing. Whether in public or online it doesn’t matter. I think that it is such a broad concept to younger people because they haven;t lived life yet. They don’t realize how they act in front of close friends is not the way you should always act in a public place or online. As you mentioned, this can affect your networking. A manager could see your idiocy in public or read it online. Young adults just don’t always realize there are long term consequences to actions. We are in the now, not in the later.

  3. Aub says:

    Although some are just impossible to turn into respectable functioning human beings, I feel that a lot of the problem with cursing and acting absurdly on social media is that people forget where they need to draw lines when it comes to their behavior.
    Because social media is blurring the lines between work, school, and recreation, people tend to just use a “recreation” attitude at all times. I feel that people forget, or just don’t realize, that they have to be the ones to determine where to draw the line of unacceptable behavior and that if they don’t it will come back to bite them.
    That said, I hope you encounter a lot of socially unacceptable behavior for this blog because I’m curious to hear about your reactions!

  4. Carlos Gomez says:

    I think it’s funny that people still think that untagging photos will keep images from being attached to their names when doing questionable things –some people live by this, but the photos can still be found online…maybe not as easily, but everything stays on the internet! You have a wealth of things to discuss on this topic, Shane! Good one!

  5. Autumn Sands says:

    This is a great blog topic. I can not agree more. People are way too relaxed about what they put on social media sites. Like Pierce said, either people don’t know what kind of harm this can cause or maybe they just don’t care. People put way too much personal information such as fighting with others or like you stated, putting sexual advances on the internet. I honestly think that people are just unaware of the fact that once something is out there on the web then it is out there forever.

  6. jloldani says:

    I really enjoyed your blog! This is a wonderful topic because it is so true. With the way our society and everything changes little kids are getting more exposed to the bad language, drugs, sex etc. My parents did a good job at keeping us kids shielded from everything. My roommate has a daughter that is the same age as my youngest sister; and his daughter knows more about drugs, sex etc. because her parents don’t really shield her from anything, but my sister couldn’t about any of it.

  7. iansjohnston says:

    Your blog is looking good, Shane! I look forward to your future posts about social media marketing.

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