The Liar’s Scene

The Liar's Scene

The Liar’s Scene

The Liar’s Scene is about to put out their debut album Person(a) March 23rd 2013 at the Project Backstage Midwest Rock Awards Aftershock in Merriam KS and they have released their first track titled Break which can be heard on ReverbNation at the following link
Break is breathtaking and they are about to release another song this week. The song is amazingly good with a little hint of Tool mixed with a little bit of Disturbed wrapped in a layer of awesomeness that makes for great ear candy. if you like the music you should follow them on facebook!/TheLiarsScene?group_id=0
And if you are in the Midwest area head to the Project Backstage to pick up their debut album and support some great musicians

Note: The Liar’s Scene has broken up. The members may form other bands, I look forward to hearing more music from the former members


Accountability on the Internet

Today I looked at Facebook and got angry because one of my best friends (who owns a gaming shop) had just been accused of being a thief in a Magic the Gathering group. Nobody that I know of seems to know the accuser and there is not a picture of him on Facebook. This person accused my friend of a crime when he obviously had no proof of and in this case it constitutes libel. to prove libel you need a few things you must show defamation in this case he called my friend a thief which ruins his credibility. you must explain identification in this case he called my friend by name and identified him in various ways. you need to demonstrate publication it was on Facebook in a forum where others can see this. you need to prove fault which in this case he clearly means to ruin my friends reputation. Confirm personal harm in this case his reputation has been hurt and he is under some emotional distress as well as his wife. So I hope he takes it down soon or maybe the moderator or Facebook will intervene. By all accounts be careful what you publish because as I said earlier nothing on the internet is a secret.

Tosh.0 Blogging from the Television

Daniel Tosh

Most people read blogs but who has time for reading anymore. That is why I watch Tosh.0 it is kind of like a televised blog where Daniel Tosh shows you videos and gives you commentary on what he thinks is funny. If you already watch the show you will know that he interacts with the audience asking them to tweet him live and send in videos for future episodes. This is what social media can do it turns Daniel into a channel for a certain type of person who may not otherwise get on television. Tosh is in my opinion quite a funny show and whether you like it or hate it there is no denying it is a one of a kind social media game changer.

Tips for dining out: Culvers

I recently discovered that a kids meal at Culvers has a full sized butterburger with this in mind if I get the kids meal it is about 80 cents more than the $4.00 snack pack and it comes with a delicious scoop of custard!! Also you can collect 10 scoopie tokens to get a free kids meal or a toy if that is your preference!!

Tip: Walmart

Quick tip for checking out at Walmart: Always pay attention to the people in line and the cashier chances are if either are elderly it will take a while. also look to see if the people in line are using cell phones or doing other things that are not keeping their attention on checking out. Avoid kids if possible as they distract the parents.

Social Media: Socially acceptable behavior

Whenever I go to a restaurant to eat I expect to relax and have a nice meal. Many times I have been out and have noticed the lack of restraint people have out in public (mind you I have had a few blowups in public myself). Yesterday while at a restaurant a guy in his twenties came up to a young couple and started talking to them every other word out of his mouth was the F-word. the other couple had 2 young kids and they were rather noisy and not well behaved to begin with but here comes someone who is cursing in front of these kids and setting a bad example. It is like this on social media sites I cannot tell you how many times I have seen curse words used and sexual references on Facebook. Now im not saying I am against swearing or anything but when you have children on there (and yes I realize you are supposed to be at least 13 to join facebook) you should watch what you are saying not to mention the fact that potential friends and co-workers can see what you are saying. So be careful with your words because sometimes we need people to be social with. The social media can never keep a secret.