Night of the Blogosphere

One of my classmates told us that blogging is a dying artform. Now here I am typing in my blog and hoping to see if I can use this blog to its fullest potential. So for this episode I want to start a trend around 2006 it was the in thing to say “Wuzzup” when people met, I want to make it so people call each other coach. lets make this a thing, blog about it go to Facebook and post it and make sure to Tweet about this and lets see how long it takes to become a thing. use hashtag #supcoach and to interact with our class use hashtag #socket2me


2 thoughts on “Night of the Blogosphere

  1. I sent a tweet for you with the hashtag #supcoach. I don’t think I got any responses. Sorry man. I also voted that blogs aren’t dying. I mean I just started one! I can’t think that in a few months they won’t mean anything anymore. Sure it takes some work, but once it gets it should be fine. After all, most main stream websites are essentially just blogs and people keep going back to those.

  2. Josh Smith says:

    I think that blogging as it once was is dying out, but it’s coming into a new form. Back in the Xanga age (wow, I’m old!), blogs were more of a sort of public diary, where people would tell about what happened to them that day. Now, blogs are becoming more of a means for an individual (or group) to speak to whoever will listen about a particular topic they are interested in, or have expertise even. Some have even started to become more knowledgeable, reliable, easier to understand, or reputable than old mainstream media, or other sources, simply because the information is coming from an individual. It doesn’t have to be approved verbiage, go through a chain of command, or (in opinion-based topics) have to even be kind.

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