Anchovies (A work in progress)




                Annie loved her job at the Pizza Palace, she had worked there for the past five years. This was her first job and she had done everything from making pizza to serving the customers. Pizza palace was small and only had about five employees, but the topping selection was enormous.

Marc, the cook, had called in sick, it was most likely he was off stoned somewhere. The owner Jeff called Annie in to fill in the evening shift on her day off. Annie had agreed because she really liked Jeff and she needed the extra money. That night was slow and when Dave came in Annie knew he was there to get a pizza for him and Marc. Dave worked there too and was Marc’s best friend.

The order came back and it was for a large Pepperoni, Beef and Anchovies. Annie froze; there was no way she was touching anchovies. Annie had been afraid of fish since she was a little girl and had gone swimming in a lake while her father went fishing. A large mouthed bass had swum up alongside her and slapped her with its tail. Annie was deathly afraid and it wasn’t just real fish if she even touched a picture of a fish in a book when she turned the page she would scream and drop the book.

“What’s the hold-up?” Dave shouted over the counter. Annie grabbed a crust and put on the sauce, the pepperoni and beef.  A can of anchovies could be found in the cooler in back so she went back there and grabbed one careful not to touch the picture. She put the can on the counter and slipped on some plastic gloves. She opened the can slowly and carefully so as not to get any fish juice on herself.

She looked down and the fish were squirming in the can. She looked away and turned back knowing it must have been her imagination. She looked away and dumped the can on the pizza, but some juice slid down into her gloves and she screamed and ran into the bathroom to wash it off. In the background Dave laughed and yelled “Yo! What crawled up your ass and died?”

Jeff finished the pizza and chided Dave for his rude behavior. As soon as Dave left Jeff closed the shop and went to console Annie who was still in the bathroom.

That night the Pizza Palace Burned to the ground in a freak accident when the oven caught on fire. Annie and Jeff were never seen again and no bodies were discovered in the ashes. Dave and Marc were found dead later that week with slashes all over their bodies and fish hooks in their mouths.


Tango–selling togetherness



Tango is a fun little app that I recently added to my phone. With Tango you can video chat, make calls (internationally as well) and text message all for free. Tango is a free app that lets you do all this and it works on smartphones (android ,windows phone and iphone are supported but I am not sure about Blackberry), Tablets and Personal computers. Businesses can use this app to keep in touch with business partners, clients, and employees. This app would be great for colleges because you do not need a password or login just install on the computers and within a few seconds you are finding your friends and texting and chatting. this is great for when you are working in small groups and need to get in touch with your group members. Tango can be found on the Google play store, on apple Itunes and wherever you find apps including so give it a try because with all these great features you still get better quality calls than with Skype

Fun for all ages

My Friend owns a bounce house in St. Joseph, MO. The kids love it when they get an invitation to a birthday party. Kids have always loved bouncers but having a building full where they can bounce and slide is thrilling for them. The Bouncing Place has been a big hit in the community
Recently he opened a game store Galaxy Games. The community at the shop is older and more diverse you have card floppers, dice chuckers, controller crushers and even the figure flinger. One of the best things about the shop is that you can find all sorts of fun things to play. They have board games such as killer bunnies, dominion, and even Dr. Who Yahtzee, There are card games like Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Highlander and many more, there are wargames like Warmachine/Hordes and Warhammer in which you paint Miniatures and use them to battle your opponents and there are console games for sale and people have a couple of rooms for private roleplaying sessions.
One thing I have noticed is that on Friday night there are usually 2 to 5 girls in the shop playing where that has not been usual at other stores I have been at. I feel that the community is growing and I wish to invite anyone out to try games because we are more than happy to show you how to play and have demo copies. One of my favorite games to play is Fluxx which comes in a variety of flavors from plain to Wizard of Oz and even a Monty Python version.
What sort of games do you prefer? would you like to learn a new game? Are you a game designer who wants to see your game in the shop? Leave a comment below and please subscribe

The Liar’s Scene

The Liar's Scene

The Liar’s Scene

The Liar’s Scene is about to put out their debut album Person(a) March 23rd 2013 at the Project Backstage Midwest Rock Awards Aftershock in Merriam KS and they have released their first track titled Break which can be heard on ReverbNation at the following link
Break is breathtaking and they are about to release another song this week. The song is amazingly good with a little hint of Tool mixed with a little bit of Disturbed wrapped in a layer of awesomeness that makes for great ear candy. if you like the music you should follow them on facebook!/TheLiarsScene?group_id=0
And if you are in the Midwest area head to the Project Backstage to pick up their debut album and support some great musicians

Note: The Liar’s Scene has broken up. The members may form other bands, I look forward to hearing more music from the former members

Accountability on the Internet

Today I looked at Facebook and got angry because one of my best friends (who owns a gaming shop) had just been accused of being a thief in a Magic the Gathering group. Nobody that I know of seems to know the accuser and there is not a picture of him on Facebook. This person accused my friend of a crime when he obviously had no proof of and in this case it constitutes libel. to prove libel you need a few things you must show defamation in this case he called my friend a thief which ruins his credibility. you must explain identification in this case he called my friend by name and identified him in various ways. you need to demonstrate publication it was on Facebook in a forum where others can see this. you need to prove fault which in this case he clearly means to ruin my friends reputation. Confirm personal harm in this case his reputation has been hurt and he is under some emotional distress as well as his wife. So I hope he takes it down soon or maybe the moderator or Facebook will intervene. By all accounts be careful what you publish because as I said earlier nothing on the internet is a secret.

Tosh.0 Blogging from the Television

Daniel Tosh

Most people read blogs but who has time for reading anymore. That is why I watch Tosh.0 it is kind of like a televised blog where Daniel Tosh shows you videos and gives you commentary on what he thinks is funny. If you already watch the show you will know that he interacts with the audience asking them to tweet him live and send in videos for future episodes. This is what social media can do it turns Daniel into a channel for a certain type of person who may not otherwise get on television. Tosh is in my opinion quite a funny show and whether you like it or hate it there is no denying it is a one of a kind social media game changer.

Tips for dining out: Culvers

I recently discovered that a kids meal at Culvers has a full sized butterburger with this in mind if I get the kids meal it is about 80 cents more than the $4.00 snack pack and it comes with a delicious scoop of custard!! Also you can collect 10 scoopie tokens to get a free kids meal or a toy if that is your preference!!